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1.Introduction to slide

 Slide, also known as rails, slide, is fixed on the furniture cabinet, furniture for the drawer or cabinet access to the activities of the hardware connection components. Slide rail for furniture, furniture, office cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other wooden and steel drawers and other furniture drawer connection

 Those large and small drawers can slide freely sliding, bearing how, thanks to the support of the slide. From the current technology point of view, the bottom slide is better than the side slide, the overall connection with the drawer than the three points of the good. Drawer slide material, principles, structure, technology, etc. vary widely, high-quality rail resistance, long life, drawer smooth.

2.Slide classification

2.1Roller type

2.2Steel ball type

2.3Gear type

2.4Damping slide

3.Slide selection points

3.1Test steel

3.11Drawers can bear how much, mainly to see the track of the steel is good, different specifications of the drawer steel thickness is different, load bearing is also different. When you buy the drawer can be pulled out, hand a little hard on the pressure to see if it will loose, bang bang bang or flip.

3.2Look at the material

3.21The material of the pulley determines the comfort of the drawer when sliding. Plastic pulleys, steel balls, wear-resistant nylon is the most common three kinds of pulley materials, which wear nylon for the top grade, sliding, quiet. Look at the pulley is good or bad, you can use a finger to pull the drawer, should be no sense of astringent, no noise.

3.3Pressure device

3.31Choose the point to see the pressure device is easy to use, try it more! To see if it is easy, the brake is convenient. But it should be noted that the pressure device is very good, but the price is more expensive.


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