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Which comprises a movable arm, a hollow arm, a locking device, a cover plate and an adjusting bolt. The movable arm is provided with a base, and a locking device is arranged on the base, and the hollow arm is provided with a cavity adapted to the base, The base plate and the cover plate are defined, and the locking device is defined on the base of the movable arm, and the adjusting bolt is arranged between the cover plate and the base, and the bottom of the cavity of the hollow arm is provided with a stopper projection, The movable arm of the block is provided with a chute which is provided with a stopper groove which extends into the base and passes through the chute, and the movable groove is arranged on the corresponding groove A stop block and a return spring extending from the stop groove outside the base, and the stop block is further provided with a groove which is adapted to the width of the chute

2.Choose a point

2.1 Look at material;Cabinet hardware almost all use cold-rolled steel, a stamping molding, feel thick, smooth surface. Moreover, due to the thickness of the surface coating, it is not easy to rust, strong and durable, load-bearing capacity, the cabinet door stretched freely, will not appear door is not tight situation. And poor quality hinge is generally made of thin iron welding, almost no resilience, with a little longer time will lose flexibility, resulting in the cabinet door is not tight, and even crack

2.2 Feel like;Good and bad different hinge feel different, excellent quality hinges in the open door when the strength is relatively soft, off to 15 degrees will automatically rebound, the resilience is very uniform. Poor life of the poor hinge is short and easy to fall off.Such as the door, hanging cabinet fell down, mostly due to the quality of hinges, but off caused

3.Note the problem

3.1 Wipe with a dry soft cloth, do not use chemical cleaning agent or acidic liquid cleaning, such as the surface is difficult to remove the black spots, can be wiped with a little kerosene;...

3.2 The use of a long time to give a sound is a normal phenomenon, in order to ensure smooth and smooth silo smooth, every 2-3 months can be added a little lubricant on a regular basis

3.3 Should prevent heavy objects and sharp smashing touch, scratches

3.4 Bogey in the handling of the students pull hard pull, damage to the furniture at the junction of hardware


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