• Drawer slides
    Drawer slides2019-05-27

    Drawer slides have been in our daily life all the time,so users want to high quality drawers slides to keep our better life.Qingdao Eoncred can help you.It has excellent slides with best quality in China.Eoncred export slides to many markets and get [More]

  • Classification of Hinge
    Classification of Hinge2019-05-27

    Hinge materials is usually made of Cold Rolled Steel and Stainless Steel. The surface will be nickel plated.There are usually three types of hinges: Full Overlay, Half Overly, Inset. These three different types of hinges are mainly used for cabinet d[More]

  • happy New Year
    happy New Year2018-01-01

    2018 Happy New YearEoncred Group[More]

  • Merry Christmas
    Merry Christmas2017-12-25

    Merry ChristmasEoncred Group[More]

  • The audience Hi eat | Christmas is crazy
    The audience Hi eat | Christmas is crazy2017-12-25

    Merry ChristmasOur gift[More]

  • 2017 Egywoodex
    2017 Egywoodex2017-12-12


  • Birthday party | Happy Anniversary!
    Birthday party | Happy Anniversary!2017-12-08

    Hibiscus, a simple and direct poetic name.Wondering who she is?She is our protagonist today - ginger Furong.Hibiscus, is December 7, 2016 to join our billion Reid family, and now it is exactly the first anniversary.A year of hurried pace, year-long t[More]

  • To: My dear family, Li Xinglong students
    To: My dear family, Li Xinglong students2017-11-24

    Wish our family - Li Xinglong studentsHappy birthdayEoncred Group2017 annual meetingEoncred Group 2017 Third Summer Camp2017 mid-year summary meeting2017 to expand training2017 seventh anniversary celebration partybirthday present[More]

  • Thanksgiving have you all the way
    Thanksgiving have you all the way2017-11-23


  • Melamine-Edge-Banding

    1.What is Melamine Edge Banding?Melamine edge banding is made of German raw paper and the plastic resin.1. Finish coating is already applied on the surface of the edge banding.2. Edge banding can be produced with hot melt glue for easy manual operati[More]


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